Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Never Smile at a Crocodile!!!

Just had to share this photo of Freya! The girls both got to choose a fancy dress outfit as a special there was Snow White, Tinkerbell, Slepping Beauty...Little Mermaid....Princess Jasmine....all sorts of pretty flouncy fluffy affairs.....which one did Freya choose?......the Crocodile! LOL but she is simply adorable in it!!!! Annemiek chose a Princess one (of course!!!) Shall show you that one tomorrow!

Been a quiet few days - I have a nasty throat infection that is causing greif but managed to get some tablets yesterday from the doctors so hoping that will clear up soon!

Looking forward to some cropping time this weekend.....have to do a pre-crop challenge.....using acrylic paints :) That's gonna be fun!!!!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday already!!!!??!!!

Where did the week go!?

Not been as good a week as we had hoped - things didn't go se well for Addy yesterday but hey ho - it's the taking part that counts!

Had a lovely day today with Addy's new employers & their kids :) they are so geared up for their new venture and full of enthusiasim - as is Addy :)

Just getting robo to cut a few baby face die cuts to use in tomorrow's class - got 8 booked so ooooh feeling excited about that! Hope everyone enjoys it! Here is what we're all making.......-->>>

Still no baby news from Holland - my sister in law was due on the 15th February.....I can't wait to be an Auntie :)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Sunday.......

.....but NOT a lazy day!!!

Spent all day yesterday moving my craft room to the back bedroom and now have stuff ALL over the house!

Ads put up my new bookcase and it is looking grand filled with lovely stash! But we still need to paint the front room then move in the girls beds and sort out the wardrobes for them. I really should not go to Ikea - it always fills my head with fancy ideas of what to do to my house hee hee!

Addy & Annemiek are away to the car boot sale with half the contents of the garage so hope they come home with pockets of cash!

Got a good week ahead I reckon.....Ads has a very important cookery demo this week.....he is making pancakes with the wee ones at Nursery on Tuesday!!!......then he is cooking in the finals of the Spirit of Speyside competition on Thursday.....then I have my Toppers & Mini Book Class on Saturday. Busy Busy Busy!!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Today is Valentine's Day.....and a lot of buzz & excitement in this house!

Annemiek is away to nursery with 5 Valentine Cards!! We made them together.....but 3 are for girlie friends & 2 are for the teachers! LOL None for the stinky boys!!!

Addy is cooking at 3pm as a second interview and we are keeping everything crossed that he has a lovely new job at the end of the day!

I am also trying to recreate a fantsastic dish that my Dad made at the weekend....Chicken stuffed with haggis, timbale of neeps & tatties and laced with a whisky sauce :) Just waiting to get the professional chef out the door so I can start creating a masterpiece!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pausing for breath....

Ooops - not blogged for a few days! Poor Freya has been quite bad with her chicken spots but thankfully they have all gone crusty (nice!) so we are well on the road to recovery! She maybe had triple the amount of spots then her big sister but they have gone a lot fast too :)

We are enjoying having Daddy at home for a few days - it's just a shame we are still a bit house-bound - maybe later in the week we can have a day away together!

Need to get busy making a new batch of cards for the local shop so that will keep me out of mischeif!

Got a bargain pair of second-hand ski boots for Annemiek which arrived today.....but all the snow has melted....much to Addy's digust! So we are all doing the snow dance hoping for some more!

Right - Ads away shopping so I had better crack on with a "secret mission" for tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snow Much Fun!!!!

All starting to feel a bit stir crazy so got wrapped up to go out & play in the snow! Had fun with our own mini-ski-slope in the garden!

Well - thats us made it half way through the day :) Some lunch to do....then maybe some it nearly bed time yet!!??

Chicken Spots.......the sequel!

Ah was almost too good to be true! Just when we thought the nightmare was over Freya decided to join the Chicken Club too! Poor wee soul has been burning up all night and has a nice wee crop of spots on her tummy and legs. She is very up & down and during her Calpol "highs" she is dancing about singing about her far she can still count them all LOL!

Annemiek is a bit disgruntled that her limelight has been stolen! Shall be a very interesting day methinks! Lot's of reasoning, cuddles & possibly some bribery too!

Woke up this morning to a couple of inches of snow and it's still falling! Looks all pretty & white!

Doubt very much I'll get any crafting done today......unless it involves toilet rolls, empty cereal boxes, glitter & glue!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Last one of the day........

......maybe!!?!! Had fun doing these cute Easter Toppers! Had some AMM papers that were perfect so drew myself a template similar to the stickers that AMM do.....but these little cuties are real 3D and all inky too! Perhaps I'll stop for now and see that someone actually want to buy them LOL! Then again....I did find some Doodlebug Easter paper.........hmmmmmm!!!!

Toppers Toppers...

Oh my goodness I cannot stop! I have a topper addiction! Here's a couple more I have much do I love my craft robo!? Have cut out some chicks & bunnies so hoping to get some Easter ones done later! :)

It's snowing!!!!!

And not just a wee bit! Great big huge fluffy gigantic flakes! Girls have already been out to play...then had to have a bath to warm up again! Having some nice quiet time playing with puzzles.....I fel some more toppers in the making LOL!

The Chicken spots are almost gone but staying home one more day to be on the safe given the weather we don't fancy the trek up to Aberlour!!!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Sunday...

Been rather a nice day today :) Very chilled out! Girls were so well bahved today - we baked cakes and they even let me have some mummy-time to make a few toppers whilst happily drawing (even if it was with my good marvy pens!!!!! Wait & see tomorrow they will be monsters!
Managed to get a quick visit up to Elgin to drop of my class projects...hope a few more people book now they see what they are making :) Was nice to catch up quickly with the girls and have adult conversation!!
Anyway - just finished off the toppers to go on e-bay tomorrow - here they are!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Well - that wasn't such a great start to the New Year was it!!!!

But it can only get better! We have made a decision to stay in Craigellachie! Yaaaaay! Addy has told his boss of his plans to leave and is currently in the interview progress for 2 jobs that are fairly local! I am realy pleased that we are staying - it is lovely here and the school is great. Oh crickey I can't believe that my baby will be starting school this year!

Have had a bad couple of weeks - poor Annemiek has had Chicken Spots and has really suffered badly with them :( She is on the mend but we are just waiting for wee sisiter to follow suit!

Had a lovely crafting day to myself on Wednesday - was busy playing with pretty papers making toppers & a cute paper bag book for my next class at the Paper Crafts Studio (yyyaaaay got my teaching jon back again :)) There are some sneaky peek photos on the website. I think this will be a fab class and hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did designing it!!!!

Okay - better go for now......will try & make it back soon!! :P