Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chicken Parade.....

Playing catch up with myself a bit just now - so much happening!!

Just had to share some pics of the new arrivals in the household.....

Here is Annemiek with her one week old chickie - named Angel :)  She is such a cutie - very calm and loves to be held!

Next up is Freya with her wee bundle of fluff called Pudsey
For being the smallest chick Pudsey is a wee daredevil!!!  she is super fast and already attempting to flap her wings and fly!  She will happily jump up onto your hand to feed!

Here they both are a week later aged just 2 weeks - amazing how quick they grow!

And the other 2 bigger chicks........
My girl is Lily Lavender - she is now 4 weeks old....

And last but not least we have Addy's chick.....she is about 5 weeks old and is super scruffy - think she is changing over her baby feathers!  Not an easy girl to photograph as she is a complete softie and just wants to come sit on your hand and snuggle up!!!  Name keeps this space!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BlackbirdHouse - a must see blog!

Hi all

Spent a lovely day with my friend Emma helping set up a shiny new {BLOG} for her.
Emma is super talented - she does screenprinting, drawing, painting and in general makes all things pretty!

This is the stepping stone to a new venture for her and she should have her fabulous items for sale via blog/folksy soon - can't wait!!!!

Just look at this adorable image....

Please do pay her a visit {HERE}

Been crazy busy here recently but have been crafting....and we have some new baby fluffy additions to the family so will be back soon with new pics!!!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Orange Poppy Card

Have made this for my lovely friend Elaine today...

Happy Birthday Sweetie :)

Been after this stamp a looonnngg time and finally got one!  Tried to keep this very stylish and classy - just like the recipient!!