Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year!

My goodness can you believe it's really 2008! Doesn't seem 5 minutes since the Millenium!

We had a lovely Christmas away down in Perth at my Mum & Dads. Was a bit sad to be away from Ads but such is life - when you live with a chef anyway!!

Since we got back home been busy playing, crafting and playing some more!

The girls got so many lovely presents - they are very lucky duckies! They got a huge amount of Barbie stuff - a house, cars, dolls, horses...plenty to share! They also got a shocking Pink PlayStation 2 - ooooh we've had a lot of fun with that - although I am still to test drive the microphones and Sing Star!!!! Think I may have missed my chance!

Have been working away the last few days on some samples for Bramwells - ooooh they sent me some seriously yummy stash! Has been great fun the work with but very time consuming! I am such a slow crafter - either that or too flippin' fussy about what I make!!!

My camera seems to have gone awol but here is a wee photo to share of the girls with my brother "maca"-Ronnie on Christmas Day - he was just delighted to be playing Disney Princeses on a PINK PS2 - not!!!! Hee Hee - he was really great with them actually! Just look at the concentration on their faces!

Ah well - it is all over for another year - back to School tomorrow, and back to wrapping up the adorable Sugar Nellie Stamps for me - there is something NEW and very exciting due to be launched by Sugar Nellie soon.....mmmmmmmm I can't wait!

So - Happy New Year to anyone that happens to be reading and I may even be a bit better at blogging this year! No promises though!