Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Sunday.......

.....but NOT a lazy day!!!

Spent all day yesterday moving my craft room to the back bedroom and now have stuff ALL over the house!

Ads put up my new bookcase and it is looking grand filled with lovely stash! But we still need to paint the front room then move in the girls beds and sort out the wardrobes for them. I really should not go to Ikea - it always fills my head with fancy ideas of what to do to my house hee hee!

Addy & Annemiek are away to the car boot sale with half the contents of the garage so hope they come home with pockets of cash!

Got a good week ahead I reckon.....Ads has a very important cookery demo this week.....he is making pancakes with the wee ones at Nursery on Tuesday!!!......then he is cooking in the finals of the Spirit of Speyside competition on Thursday.....then I have my Toppers & Mini Book Class on Saturday. Busy Busy Busy!!!!


Sprogpaws said...

I'm really looking forward to Saturday, and hopefully you'll have some great news before then about how Addy gets on in his comp.