Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's the return of the blog.......

Wooops - a - daisy! Not been blogging for a while!

The last couple of months have been pretty awful but with 2007 just a sleep away I have decided to kick-start myself into action!

Still house-hunting......still jobless......still overweight! But hey - it can only get better!!!!

2007 here I come!!!!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Please have a look.....

Not sure if anyone actually reads my blog!!?? But if you do please have a look at this link!!!

Anita is super talented and this is just such a great thing she is doing!

Oh my goodness - I am so embarrased! It's been months since I blogged!

In my defence - my life has been turned upside down!!

The Craigellachie hotel was taken over by Swallow Hotel Group....a recipe for disaster :( What was once a luxurious small country hotel has been trampled into a glorified Travel Lodge. And Addy couldn't bear to see all his hard work go down the drain.

So - it was time to move on. He is now Chef Manager at The Cock & Bull Restaurant in Balmedie. He has been there for a month now and is enjoying the challenge! Finding a new house has been a bit more difficult than anticipated so he is staying over there most of the week and home on his days off.

Because of all this I have had to give up my wee part time job :( and even my teaching at the Paper Crafts Studio has been impossible this month. Surely it can only get better?

Anyway - enough rambling!

Must try & keep the blog updated - but in the meantime let me share a photo with you.......Annemiek & Freya had lots of fun playing hairdressers last week.....I think you will agree Barbie came of the worst!!!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

All Scrapped Out.....

Just had the BEST weekend!

Was at Scrap-A-Ganza in Holland! Ooooooooh - so much fun, classes & stash!

Also managed to meet up with Oma & SIL Alinde! :)

I must get this blog updated.....but I must also sleep!

A busy week again with my first class at The Papercrafts studion on Saturday! Very exciting!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

who knows where the time goes?

I just cannot believe it is May! How is that possible!

Soooooo much is happening! The new Paper Crafts Studio opened and it is just fabby!!! And even more exciting - I am going to be teaching a class!

Getting ready for a busy month! Ads has a Chefs Award Dinner on Sunday and is also through to the finals again for Grampian Chef of the Year in a couple of weeks!

Then, of course, Karen & I are jetting of for a weekend of Scrapbookers heaven at Scrapaganza in Holland ! Can' wait!

Know then - what else - og little baby freya is in a big bed! Bless her!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Where Oh Where does the time go!?!

I just cannot belive it is April already!

Busy Busy Busy Spring Cleaning - getting new furniture for the girls' bedroom next week - it will look so nice!

Was at the Aberdeen Crop yesterday - it was a lovely day away - all the girls there are lovely!

Getting labels ready today to mail everyone about Karen's new PaperCrafts Studio...very exciting!'s one of my layouts from yesterday! Annemiek on the beach at Achiltibue.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday Monday.....

Well - another week!

Had a lovely time at the Elgin Crop yesterday. Did my first ever 11 x 8.5 layout which I am rather pleased with! Saw the new Big Shot machine and ate delicious muffins made by erika!

Can't believe that's it for another month!!! Got lots and lots to be doing but not very much up & go at the moment!

Addy is having a day away ski-ing today - got to make the most of that white stuff!

Need to try and put together a sample Practice Leaflet for work....feeling guilty at not being able to get to work last Thursday with all our snow!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

.......and even more snow!!!!

We've had even more snow....and I believe there is more on the way!

Looks so pretty though!

Couldn't get into work yesterday...schools buses......boy was I popular!!

Goint to get wrapped up cozy today and have some fun with the girls later on!!!


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Snow Snow Snow!!!

Well - we have lots of snow! Schools are closed and the sledges are out! Annemiek already had some fun in the garden on her skis!

Feeling a bit lost today as UKScrappers is down for maintenance but have plenty others jobs to keep me busy!

Looking forward to the PAPERcrafts crop on Sunday - better get my thinking head on for a layout to put together. And hoping Karen has some deliveries of new stash to play with before then! Mmmmmmmm - new stash!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Woooosh - where did the week go???

I just cannot believe how fast the days are flying by!

Had a nice surprsie visit from Granny & Grandad this weekend - girls were spoilt rotten (again) and it was great to see them!

Missing my scrap-buddy Karen - she is off to the Trade Fair - can't wait to hear about all the new goodies she'll be ordering for the shop!

Been a bit lazy on the crafting side! Made a slide mailer for Addy as a Velntines gift - quite pleased with it!

Having another clear out to fund my field trip to Holland in May for Scrap-A-Ganza!! Ooooh - so excited about that!

How many more sleeps?????

Monday, February 06, 2006

budding baby artiste !

Freya is into EVERYTHING!! Just like her big sisiter she loves all things crafty & messy! She has developed a passion for hats - and wears this one all the time! Doesn't she look like a proper artiste!!!!

Wonder how old uou have to be to join the junior scrappers!!??!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Crop 'til you Drop!!!!

Had a great time at the PaperCrafts Crop today!!

Was like an excited child last night - could hardly get to sleep! I was baking Fairy Cakes at 2am!

Anyway - did this LO using my lovely BG Blitzen (thank you Viv!!!) with a photo of Annemiek from Christmas 2003 - just look at the concentration on her face!!

Karen doesn't know it but I got lots of photo's of her scrapping away - deep in concentration!!! Will get them uploaded later! Hee Hee!!

So - thanks to all the girls! Had a fabby time......can't wait for next month!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Junkitz Love.....

Ooooooh - got some of these papers today - sent up from a fab friend of mine down South!! I bought them with the intention of making kits to try & sell on e-bay. Ordered enough for 4 kits but somehow I have only managed to list two!!! The papers are sooo yummy scrummy - just had to keep some for meeeeee!

Anyways - first step towards trying to fund my obsessive scrapbooking hobby - Valentine Paper Bag Book for sale on e-bay!!

Might just make up my own page pack for taking to the Paper Crafts Crop on Sunday!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's February!!!

Can hardly believe that it is February already!! Must get making some valentines card for my stand at the shop!!

Busy week again - it is the PaperCrafts Crop on Sunday, and maybe next week I will get down to see the new shop in Perth for some Retail THERAPY!!!!

Still no sign of fact - it really does feel like Spring is just around the corner! Speaking of Spring - that was my theme for the ATDML Design Team Competition.....closing day was yesterday - so who knows?! Just imagine - free stash and discount at that lovely online store !! Thats the stuff dreams are made of!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Robbie Burns!!!

Well - it's Burn's Night here in Scotland! DD1 Annemiek is off to playgroup with an "altered" kilt!! A charity shop find - to fit a ten year old!!! Everyone was asked to wear something tartan today so she'll be strutting her stuff! Complete with red curly wig!!!!!

And of course it will be haggis neeps & tatties for Dinner tonight! Yummy!

Got a stack of clipboards to sort through today and get ready for posting for my UKS Altered Clipboard Swap! And then the usual hopes & dreams of a LO or a card or two?!?!.......

Monday, January 23, 2006

My Little Chef-ette!!!

My eldest daughter Annemiek (pron anna-meek) just loves to bake! Daddy is a chef of course but I must say I am the one that rolls up my sleeves!

Very seldom does a day go by when we don't bake something!! We always like to have "MESSY-TIME!!!!" From cheese scones to fairy cakes! Well - today she got out her Fairy CookBook and decided she wanted to make a Princess Castle!

About an hour (and a lot of mess!) later here was the result!! How proud is she!!!!
(and in case your wondering why she is only wearing a vest & tights....yes she got covered in flour!!!!


Another week! But at least we're getting closer to pay day! Don't you just LOVE January(NOT!!)

Must set myself some targets......a couple of card orders to fill, a few CJ's to get done and might even get something on my web page by the end of the week!

Hoping to get a cheque in the post (anyday now!) for my first ever piece of published work...which, of course, I must share with you all! I have spent this money ten times over in my imagination and still not come to a firm decision! So tell me - if you had £60 - what would you buy?!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

newbie blogger!!!

Well – here I am – with my very own blog!!!

Had better start making my life a bit more interesting!

Coming soon……tales of a crafter, scrapper and stressed out mother of two, trying to make some pocket money out of her hobby!