Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Making Plans....... flee the country! Yaaaaay!

Only 2 sleeps until I go to Holland! Oooh I can hardly wait!

Finally did my planner - bit of a rush job but I rather like it :) Used Dutch Girl papers by Cosmo Cricket.....seemed appropriate! (sorry about the naff's getting dark!)

Better get back to the packing, washing, ironing nonsense!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Angelic on a Sunday.......?

Well not really as they have been up since the crack of dawn and up to all sorts of naughtyness! LOL

But they did play nice for mummy to take some cute photos!

Been playing about with layers, colours & curves.....not quite got the hang of it but rather pleased with the results! One of these days I will get to grips with photoshop!

Nothing crafty so far today.....but Ads is home tonight so there is hope! Watch this space LOL

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Spring Cleaning....

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Busy Busy Busy getting all nice and super tidy before I abandon my family and head to Holland next week! Yaaaaaay a whole weekend of scrapping fun!!!!

Better crack on!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Had a very long day yesterday - all the way down to Perth for the Funeral then back home again. Addy was a star for driving me all that way, bless him!

It was a nice service, and Auntie Daisy had a good turn-out. It was lovely to see My Auntie Hazel, and my Gran and a few other faces that I've not seen for a long time. Always a shame that it is under sad circumstances though.

Had a better sleep last night, still feel a bit yeeuucchh but it is time to pick myself up and move on again. And just look what my sister in law sent to cheer me up - look at Chiem - isn't he just a cherub! I am hoping to get a cuddle with that little bundle of love when I am in Holland next week :)

No nursery today or tomorrow so no doubt I will have a house full....or should that be trampoline full of the local kids :) Aaaah I love it really....and it wears them out!

Got a new book in the post yesterday all with ideas for mini I plan to sit down later and get's long overdue!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

It's official.....

.....Kids really CAN sleep anywhere!!

How adorable is she? Never mind the drool that is dripping down my sofa! Hee Hee!!!!

Ups and Downs.....

Been a strange few days....lots of mixed emotions!

We spent a lovely day down in Peebles on Friday - was lovely to visit some old friends - especially Val at the Sunflower Restaurant - if antone is ever in Peebles I highly recommend her place! Hmmm - can't seem to add a link but the site is

Came back home to some sad news though - my Auntie Daisy passed away on Thursday evening - she is actually my Dad's Auntie but I always called her Auntie Daisy too :) She was such a character and will be sadly missed. My own wee girl Freya Daisy is named after her.

Two little girls were very VERY lucky this weekend though as Granny & Grandad gave them their Birthday present they have literally spent the last 48 hours bouncing up & down on their new trampoline!! Photo's to follow!!!

Back to Earth with a bump on Saturday with a Class at the Paper Crafts Studio - had to do a last minute change as the Maya Road delivery didn't make it in time! Eeeek! But we decorated a 7Gypsies Mini Purse with the lush lush Anthologie papers and every one was happy :)

Just had a lazy day yesterday - caught up on the house work and been busy baking today!

Annemiek is away to nursery looking like an absolute vision in pink......just look at her!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sugar Plum Fairies......

We had a fun time on Sunday at the car boot sale! Annemiek managed to turn on her charm and got a leaotard set with skirt for £2....and also a video "how to be a Ballerina" which came with a litte pink tutu for 50p........only problem I have now is getting them to take them off!!!!!!!!! But you have to agree - they are adorable!

Happy Birthday Alison!

Happy Birthday to my Water Lily friend Alison!!

Your pressie and card were posted yesterday - just hope Royal Mail have done their stuff!

Will buy you a wee drinkie in Holland!


Saturday, May 12, 2007

anyone for pizza?............

Hello :)

Been a busy busy girlie since the Funky Kits Website opened on Wednesday! The lady in the local post office says I am her new best friend!

Managed to escape for a few hours today up to the studio in Elgin. Karen had a demonstrator in from Do Crafts which seemed to be very popular - I had lots of fun helping out on the till. Back home now and feeling geared up to do some crafting of my own! Need to get the wee monkeys in bed first!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Funky Funky Funky!!!!

Only a matter of hours until the new Funky Kits Website goes LIVE!!!

We've all been working hard to put together some lush lush kits (Karen has really pulled out all the stops!) and I'm ready with my pizza boxes to get packing!

In the meantime here's a sneaky peek! :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May Madness

Wooosh - there goes another week almost!

Had a rather rushed weekend - down to Glasgow for a Chef Awards Dinner on Sunday night, stayed the night in the luxurious Radisson Hotel :)

Back home yesterday to collect 2 hyper little girls who had a great time with Grammy & Grandad!

All systems go now for the new Funky Kits website....going LIVE on Thursday! Need to start thinking ahead for some future likes window shopping!

Got to get my card stand filled up in the local shop.....then teach my Class at the Studio on the 20th then I can start to look forward to my own personal crafty upcoming trip to Holland for Scrap-a-Ganza! Yaaaaaaaaay!

No photos to share today......but I might get a chance to play with some pretty paper later & try out some new ideas!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Picnic Time!!!!

We had a lovely picnic in the park yesterday but oh my it was soooooo hot! The girls were very good at keeping their hats on though! Plus they looked super-cool! Thankfully it is a lot cooler today so the sunscreen is back in the cupboard :)

Had a bizarre propsosition yesterday! We go to a coffee shop in Aberlour quite often...especially when I have nearly 3 hours to kill....and the Chef, James, is a really nice guy. Well.....I think he may be under some strange illusion that because Addy is a chef that I must be able to cook too and has asked if I would like to work one day a week to come in and do all his baking!!! How mad is that!! I told him that I doubted I was anywhere near coffee shop material (more botched fairy cakes with the kids!) but he must be really desparate! I have to make a few samples to hand in so we will see how it goes! Who knows - it could be the start of something good! And heaven knows the extra cash would be handy!! So I am away in search of yummy traybakes & cakes!!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Beach & Beads!!!

How fantastic is this weather!!!!! Let's hope this is the start of Summer!

Been busy again getting some more kits put together for the new Funky Kits Website - and here is a sneaky peek of one of the jewellery kits - I am in love with this pendant I made the other day!

Been up to the beach at Hopeman a few times this last week - the girls just love it......and we saw a Baby Star Fish - they were mesmerised!

Just about to go pack up a picnic and walk up the Speyside Way to Aberlour as both girls have 2's Group / Nursery today - better pack a good book for me too !