Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Robbie Burns!!!

Well - it's Burn's Night here in Scotland! DD1 Annemiek is off to playgroup with an "altered" kilt!! A charity shop find - to fit a ten year old!!! Everyone was asked to wear something tartan today so she'll be strutting her stuff! Complete with red curly wig!!!!!

And of course it will be haggis neeps & tatties for Dinner tonight! Yummy!

Got a stack of clipboards to sort through today and get ready for posting for my UKS Altered Clipboard Swap! And then the usual hopes & dreams of a LO or a card or two?!?!.......

Monday, January 23, 2006

My Little Chef-ette!!!

My eldest daughter Annemiek (pron anna-meek) just loves to bake! Daddy is a chef of course but I must say I am the one that rolls up my sleeves!

Very seldom does a day go by when we don't bake something!! We always like to have "MESSY-TIME!!!!" From cheese scones to fairy cakes! Well - today she got out her Fairy CookBook and decided she wanted to make a Princess Castle!

About an hour (and a lot of mess!) later here was the result!! How proud is she!!!!
(and in case your wondering why she is only wearing a vest & tights....yes she got covered in flour!!!!


Another week! But at least we're getting closer to pay day! Don't you just LOVE January(NOT!!)

Must set myself some targets......a couple of card orders to fill, a few CJ's to get done and might even get something on my web page by the end of the week!

Hoping to get a cheque in the post (anyday now!) for my first ever piece of published work...which, of course, I must share with you all! I have spent this money ten times over in my imagination and still not come to a firm decision! So tell me - if you had £60 - what would you buy?!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

newbie blogger!!!

Well – here I am – with my very own blog!!!

Had better start making my life a bit more interesting!

Coming soon……tales of a crafter, scrapper and stressed out mother of two, trying to make some pocket money out of her hobby!