Sunday, July 13, 2008


Sorry to anyone that still tries to keep up with my's me that need to speed up!

The last month has been very mixed...Addy was involved in a car accident and although he had a very lucky escape we lost our car and he was off work for a bit. But oooh it really does make you sit up and think about life in general - and lets just say there will be a few changes afoot!

So we had no car for a while but are now on the go again with an ugly-bug of a car - a Fiat Multipla! The girls just love it though! They call it a Dolphin Car!

Speaking of Bugs I got a lovely package delivered the other day - a Cricut Create machine & Jukebox. Not had a chance to have a good play but can hardly wait! Got a few demo's lined up and hoping to receive all the Cuttlebug Folders this week so I can get designing!

So life is very busy! Will be back soon- promise!!!!!! (I know I said that last time!)

Just a wee photo to share - made using the new Sugar Nellie Stamps - Sweet Art Ebony - hopefully due tomorrow!!