Friday, September 01, 2006

Please have a look.....

Not sure if anyone actually reads my blog!!?? But if you do please have a look at this link!!!

Anita is super talented and this is just such a great thing she is doing!

Oh my goodness - I am so embarrased! It's been months since I blogged!

In my defence - my life has been turned upside down!!

The Craigellachie hotel was taken over by Swallow Hotel Group....a recipe for disaster :( What was once a luxurious small country hotel has been trampled into a glorified Travel Lodge. And Addy couldn't bear to see all his hard work go down the drain.

So - it was time to move on. He is now Chef Manager at The Cock & Bull Restaurant in Balmedie. He has been there for a month now and is enjoying the challenge! Finding a new house has been a bit more difficult than anticipated so he is staying over there most of the week and home on his days off.

Because of all this I have had to give up my wee part time job :( and even my teaching at the Paper Crafts Studio has been impossible this month. Surely it can only get better?

Anyway - enough rambling!

Must try & keep the blog updated - but in the meantime let me share a photo with you.......Annemiek & Freya had lots of fun playing hairdressers last week.....I think you will agree Barbie came of the worst!!!!!