Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pausing for breath....

Ooops - not blogged for a few days! Poor Freya has been quite bad with her chicken spots but thankfully they have all gone crusty (nice!) so we are well on the road to recovery! She maybe had triple the amount of spots then her big sister but they have gone a lot fast too :)

We are enjoying having Daddy at home for a few days - it's just a shame we are still a bit house-bound - maybe later in the week we can have a day away together!

Need to get busy making a new batch of cards for the local shop so that will keep me out of mischeif!

Got a bargain pair of second-hand ski boots for Annemiek which arrived today.....but all the snow has melted....much to Addy's digust! So we are all doing the snow dance hoping for some more!

Right - Ads away shopping so I had better crack on with a "secret mission" for tomorrow! :)


Sprogpaws said...

Awh, poor wee dotty darling - great hairstyle though!!!