Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday already!!!!??!!!

Where did the week go!?

Not been as good a week as we had hoped - things didn't go se well for Addy yesterday but hey ho - it's the taking part that counts!

Had a lovely day today with Addy's new employers & their kids :) they are so geared up for their new venture and full of enthusiasim - as is Addy :)

Just getting robo to cut a few baby face die cuts to use in tomorrow's class - got 8 booked so ooooh feeling excited about that! Hope everyone enjoys it! Here is what we're all making.......-->>>

Still no baby news from Holland - my sister in law was due on the 15th February.....I can't wait to be an Auntie :)


Sprogpaws said...

Thanks for a fantastic class today, Tracy, I absolutely loved it! You are such a clever bunny!!!

Remind me to do you a copy of that CD before next Sunday as I'll no doubt forget!!!


ukali said...

Hi Trace, found your blog, and thought I'd pop on and say hello, its such a long time since I last did!

Did you do your toppers using craft robo? Think I may have to hint to DH if you did! I just love the rabbit and the bear .. sooooo cute:)

Hope you are all well?

~Ali xx (ukali on UKS)