Thursday, May 24, 2007


Had a very long day yesterday - all the way down to Perth for the Funeral then back home again. Addy was a star for driving me all that way, bless him!

It was a nice service, and Auntie Daisy had a good turn-out. It was lovely to see My Auntie Hazel, and my Gran and a few other faces that I've not seen for a long time. Always a shame that it is under sad circumstances though.

Had a better sleep last night, still feel a bit yeeuucchh but it is time to pick myself up and move on again. And just look what my sister in law sent to cheer me up - look at Chiem - isn't he just a cherub! I am hoping to get a cuddle with that little bundle of love when I am in Holland next week :)

No nursery today or tomorrow so no doubt I will have a house full....or should that be trampoline full of the local kids :) Aaaah I love it really....and it wears them out!

Got a new book in the post yesterday all with ideas for mini I plan to sit down later and get's long overdue!!!


Trish said...

{{{{{{{huggles}}}}}}} my darling xxx

Isn't he just gorgeous, give him a huge cuddle from me too hunny, just beacause he is lovely xxx