Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Beach & Beads!!!

How fantastic is this weather!!!!! Let's hope this is the start of Summer!

Been busy again getting some more kits put together for the new Funky Kits Website - and here is a sneaky peek of one of the jewellery kits - I am in love with this pendant I made the other day!

Been up to the beach at Hopeman a few times this last week - the girls just love it......and we saw a Baby Star Fish - they were mesmerised!

Just about to go pack up a picnic and walk up the Speyside Way to Aberlour as both girls have 2's Group / Nursery today - better pack a good book for me too !


Margaret said...

wow - that necklace is gorgeous tracy.

No wonder the girls loved the baby starfish - I bet it was so cute :)