Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Picnic Time!!!!

We had a lovely picnic in the park yesterday but oh my it was soooooo hot! The girls were very good at keeping their hats on though! Plus they looked super-cool! Thankfully it is a lot cooler today so the sunscreen is back in the cupboard :)

Had a bizarre propsosition yesterday! We go to a coffee shop in Aberlour quite often...especially when I have nearly 3 hours to kill....and the Chef, James, is a really nice guy. Well.....I think he may be under some strange illusion that because Addy is a chef that I must be able to cook too and has asked if I would like to work one day a week to come in and do all his baking!!! How mad is that!! I told him that I doubted I was anywhere near coffee shop material (more botched fairy cakes with the kids!) but he must be really desparate! I have to make a few samples to hand in so we will see how it goes! Who knows - it could be the start of something good! And heaven knows the extra cash would be handy!! So I am away in search of yummy traybakes & cakes!!!!