Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Something Witchy......

Hello everyone!

Just had to share a sneaky peek of this adorable Witchy Daisy stamp which is due for release in September from Squiggle Stamps - I love her.....but then I am Halloween daft!!!!

Had a lovely day out today - went to visit Irene up at Mitchbish Crafts in Keith - she has some really fabby stash - well worth a visit! Then Elaine & I went to Boogie Woogie for Coffee and yummy mummies!!

Still working away on a new blog just for Squiggle Stamps....and on the search for some designers - gosh the day browsing online just disappears!!


jo said...

She is so cute - and I don't "do" halloween. Can you tell me where the craft shop is in Keith - never been able to find it.

Tracy said...

Thanks Jo :) Shop is in Westerton Industrial Estate - it is tucked just down the right hand side of Tesco. Think she is closed a few days next week though as she has to go into hospital