Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Days....

Well the day has come......my baby has started school! GULP!

Big adventures for both my girls - wee one is starting P1 and her big sister is moving up to the next class and a new teacher in P3 - but they were both happy and excited when the bell rang!

So what do I do now!? Ha Ha there is LOTS to keep me busy...cards to make.....website....a new Squiggle Blog to be created....and I am going to work a couple of days a week in the local coffee shop to do the baking again....and somewhere in amongst all that I really need to work on my domestic goddess skills!

So feeling a bit at odds today.....happy and a wee bit sad too. But well life goes on so I just need to try and keep up!!!

On the plus side - I have a new batch of sketches for September Stamps....oooh they are FAB! Autumn...Winter.....and a wee Witchie too!!! I might even show you all a peek later! :P


Karen said...

Hi Tracy,

What a gorgeous photo and I am so glad that Freya was happy to go to school on her first day. Bet you felt really sad and quite lost without them.
Speak soon.
Karen x

Erika said...

Hope Freya is enjoying school as much as DS2. Aren't they grown up once you get them in uniform?