Sunday, March 08, 2009

Stuck at home....

...with a Stookie!

Sorry for the absence! I had a fall a couple of weeks ago and ended up in hospital needing an operation to fix 2 breaks in my ankle with a plate & pins. I am now home with a Bright PINK stookie and a big box of painkillers!

Slowly getting a bit more mobile - Ads has turned our living room / dining room into my own personal bedsit! Hoping to get some supplies down from the Craft room so I can fill in the long hours with some crafting!

Have not spent much time surfing yet as I can only sit for so long but want to say a BIG thank you to all the lovely peeps that have commented and sent well wishes via Sugar Nellie & Funky Kits!!

Nothing new to share at the moment - this is a card I did for a mag supplement which is out this month using one of Sugar Nellie's Annie designs by Leanne Ellis - i lubs them so much!


jo said...

Hope you sre up and about soon Tracy.

Erika said...

Tracy hope you are feeling better soon. I love this card...not seen the mag yet but will have to get a copy.
Take care you.

Chris Walker said...

Hi Tracy, oh no! I didn't know you'd broken your ankle! Hope you are well on your way to a full recovery by now and in full demonstrating mode. Done any Raspberry Ripples? Chris