Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Red Nose Day

Still all quiet here - me and my stookie!

We were all up super early this morning as the kids were allowed to dress up for Red Nose Day at School - Annemiek wanted to be a "Mamma Mia Girl" so she has a super shiny 80's outfit and I sat for ages crimping all her hair - the blue eye shadow just finishes it off!

As for Freya.....well because I cant get her up to her nursery she has been staying home....but never needs a reason to dress up LOL so here she is aswell - my own wee super hero!

Her Dad managed to take her round to the school for their open doors fun session...face painting, games, prizes and even throwing wet sponges at teachers! I think they all had a blast!

Hope you are all having a good Red Nose Day - Do something FUNNY for MONEY!!! :)