Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Season Of Joy

Well....it is fast approaching!

I have to say I do love Christmas - and this one will be extra special as we will have Addy at home. Being a chef all his days has meant he has worked many a long Christmas Day. This year he will have 2 weeks holiday! Eeeek how will he survive!!!

So here is my Season of Joy class I did at Elgin - a bit of a twist on the traditional colours but it was loved by all! Ended up having to do this 3 times as sooo many people wanted to have a go! Lovely set of stamps by Stampin' Up from the new catalog - and yes I can get you some if you like :) Just yell!!!

Got my little one at home today - she was a up most the night with a bad cough and a temperature so we are having a snuggly cozy day :)


Erika said...

I love this range Tracy. Great colour scheme, works fabulous (always want to write darling after fabulous but have resisted!!)