Sunday, August 12, 2007

Butterflies and Bouncers.....

Oh goodness me I've been very bad at updating my blog! Just been sooo busy!

Having lots of fun in the holidays even though the weather has not been so great! Have had rather a few crafty days at home :)

Annemiek has done 4 weeks of intensive swimming lessons and is getting on fantastically :) One more week to go and hoping she will pass and move up to the next group! Just can't belive my baby will be starting school soon! Gulp!

The girls has a great time at Aberlour Games last Saturday :) They both had their faces painted as Butterflies and enjoyed all the fun & activities!

Had a surprise visit from Granny & Grandad late afternoon yesterday.....and lookie lookie....the rain stayed off long enough for Granny to have a shot on the trampoline!!! Hee Hee I'm gonna be in trouble for sharing!!!!!!

Back later with some more photos of STASH :D


Trish said...

they look so gorgeous with their little faces painted :)