Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Well March has arrived! And so has my baby nephew! Finally!

Alinde had a beautiful baby boy on Sunday - look at him - can you not just smell that adorable cute babyness :) His name is Chiem - a traditional dutch name - and mother & baby are both well! I so wish I was there to have a wee cuddle but shall have to wait a few more months!

Another new start yesterday for Addy in his new job as Head Chef at Muckrach Hotel. He is really excited about his new venture and we are delighted that he is back to his usual self....and he gets to come home at night time Yaaaay!

Been a busy girlie making Mothers Day Cards for the wee local shop - and hoping I can get up to the Paper Crafts studio as the deliveries have started to arrive....yaaaaaaay new yummy stash to play with!!!!!


trish said...

oh hunny, he is gorgeous, Iwant one!!!!!! lol