Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Cleaning....

Goodness me just look at the cobwebs on this blog!!  I have been a naughty blogger!

Lots going on just now....all rather exciting!

Will be back soon with lots of info on crafty creations and tasty treats!!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Chicken Update...

Just looking at the last set of chickie photos and thinking eeek they've changed so much!!

So here are some new photos of my babies :)

Cupcakes and Cards....

aaaah two of my favourite things!

Sorry again for the badly neglected blog!!

A wee card to share that was made this week at a crafty friend get-together :)

This is a fabby new image from Squiggle Stamps drawn by the very lovely Evelina Wikberg - there is a Blog Hop on until Wednesday with great ideas, inspiration and lots of prizes, freebies and give-aways...check it out {HERE}

Monday, July 11, 2011

Crazy busy!!! Cute Chick Overload!!!

Been neglecting the old blog again sorry!

Last few weeks have been manic....birthdays...parties....end of school...teacher gifts and a special scrapbook for the head teacher leaving....chicken disasters....and am frantically trying to find time to make hand-crafted items for a stall this weekend...eeeeek!

Few photo's of my girls to share....numbers went down a bit so we have 2 big girls outside now and another 4 chicks under the heat lamp....let's hope we have no boys this time!!!

Back later in week with some crafty bits to share hopefully :)

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunday Photo Shoot - cuties!!!

Hi - just had a quick photo shoot with the chickies...cute lil superstars they are!

Big girls are getting some lovely fresh air outside in this nice weather but still in at night to stay cozy :)

So much fun to see their personalities changing - this is a great experience for the kids!

And here they are.......

Friday, June 03, 2011

Art Journal

Here is an Art Journal I have made for the lovely Emma - it is her birthday today!  Happy Birthday sweetie!!

Made from 5x5 chipboard....pretty papers...cut the birdie from black velvet paper on cricut machine...bound together with bind-it-all and finished off with pretty ribbons :)

Really pleased with this may have to do a few more :)  Apologies for poor photo - took it on the phone in a mad dash before rushing out last night!  We went to see "The Mysterious Death of Netta Fornario" which is touring from Mull Theatre.  Was a fabulous night and just in awe of the wonderful actors and crew - what an amzing job they all do!!  Gosh I do miss my theatre days but nice to get that wee bit culture now and then in our own Village Hall :)

Chickens are all doing well - the two big girls are out in the garden today basking in the sunshine....tomorrow will be the weekly photo shoot again I reckon!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chicken Parade.....

Playing catch up with myself a bit just now - so much happening!!

Just had to share some pics of the new arrivals in the household.....

Here is Annemiek with her one week old chickie - named Angel :)  She is such a cutie - very calm and loves to be held!

Next up is Freya with her wee bundle of fluff called Pudsey
For being the smallest chick Pudsey is a wee daredevil!!!  she is super fast and already attempting to flap her wings and fly!  She will happily jump up onto your hand to feed!

Here they both are a week later aged just 2 weeks - amazing how quick they grow!

And the other 2 bigger chicks........
My girl is Lily Lavender - she is now 4 weeks old....

And last but not least we have Addy's chick.....she is about 5 weeks old and is super scruffy - think she is changing over her baby feathers!  Not an easy girl to photograph as she is a complete softie and just wants to come sit on your hand and snuggle up!!!  Name keeps changing...KFC....Beyonce.....Pepper.....watch this space!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BlackbirdHouse - a must see blog!

Hi all

Spent a lovely day with my friend Emma helping set up a shiny new {BLOG} for her.
Emma is super talented - she does screenprinting, drawing, painting and in general makes all things pretty!

This is the stepping stone to a new venture for her and she should have her fabulous items for sale via blog/folksy soon - can't wait!!!!

Just look at this adorable image....

Please do pay her a visit {HERE}

Been crazy busy here recently but have been crafting....and we have some new baby fluffy additions to the family so will be back soon with new pics!!!