Saturday, March 14, 2009


Another day at home - I had hoped to try my first day out but just wasn't feeling too great so Addy & Freya took a trip to Elgin whilst me & Meike stayed home and did some crafting!

I asked them to pop into the pet shop for some bird seed.......well they managed to come home with 2 guinea pigs! Jeezy Peeps! We always used to have bunnies & piggies as pets...when we lived down in the Borders we were well known for rescuing small animals LOL Anyways in the local pet shop they have a wee section for animals that are needing adopted as their owners can no longer look after them and my big softie of an other half just had to bring them home!!

He was told they had hardly been handled but they are sooooo timid! We left them to settle into their new surroundings all afternoon but the girls couldn't wait any longer and had to have a wee cuddle! Look at them - Aren't they adorable! Annemiek has named hers "Toffee" and Freya has named hers "Rainbow" (I was hoping she would call her Fudge but no...Rainbow it is :))

Aren't they adorable!! I just love the wee chuntering and loud wheeeeeeking they do! Oh and guess what....he forgot the bird food!!!!!


MicheleP said...

nice to see you Tracy. Hope the ol' leg mends soon. Love the pics of the girls. Take care